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I love it!
12 18%
I like it
16 24%
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13 19%
It's terrible
11 16%
15 22%
Voters: 67.
No you're not. You're on UG.
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That's called a sick day show. You're half awake for most of the day and there is nothing on TV. Watch How it's made.
How is the IRS made?
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he's talking about how it's made... but i think this thread should be hijacked into the unconstitutional IRS. that's just me though...

edit: oh yeah, the show sucks.
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baddewd's talking about me!
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The narrator is way too annoying for me to watch it.
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Good to watch when you're not well.
Otherwise, you should be watching porn online.
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Thats the most boring show on the planet.


soooo boring

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It's called multitasking

no it's called uber-UG-addiction


I really went into the this thread thinking that he was talking about how the IRS was made, until I scrolled down the thread to see that there's a show called How Its Made

Apparently R is right next to T on the keyboard, too..

Now I'm confused..
The IRS is made by taking peoples money...
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I love the fuck out of that show! I never thought making potato chips and caskets could be so intense!
Its interesting sometimes but its not the type of show where everyday you look at your watch and go "OMG MY SHOWS ON!!!". Its more the kind of show where you only watch it when your bored, tired, or sick and it just happens to be on when flippin through the channels.
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Some of it is interesting, you only want to know how certain things are made though, not everything.
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It's raining blood from a lacerated sky.

Its good to watch while blazed
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It's cool; but, damn that's one boring narrator.
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I've never done drugs, but it seems like the type of show that would be ****ing awesome to watch stoned.

And yes, I do watch it, but only when I have absolutely NOTHING else to do.
It's friggin awesome, just like pretty much any show on the Science Channel.

EDIT: Oh and the music is always amusing.
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it is very good but it hypnotises me if i watch a marathon about it. they went to godin guitars on one episode.