Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the buzz buster kit for strats. It's supposed to eliminate the buzz from the single coils. I found a kit for $10 but am hesitant in using it unless someone can verify it is either good or bad.

uh too bad eliminating hum is impossible in single coils without seriously screwing with tone.
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its probly just insultion to put in the cavities and on the back of the pickguard
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No, there is some copper shielding tape but there is a also a rewiring schematic.
I don't have a problem soldering i just don't want to create possible isssues.
I've never heard of that kit specifically, but the best way I've found to eliminate hum is to follow this guide http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/shielding/shield3.php

I'll throw this in there too, though its pretty expensive
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