Hello all!

I bought a set of strat pickups off CL. $20 can't be beat! The guy said they were fender, which I checked by the number on the (black plastic) bobbin (016730), and said they were some kind of 60's reissue pickups. They are staggered pole, middle pickup is not reverse wound, so no hum canceling, and have values of 5.33k, 5.7k, and 5.81k. I can't find out what these actually are, except fenders. Any help would be great.


Thank you, I did that search, and it give at lease 5 or 6 different answers that could be correct, but I was hoping to get down do 1 pickup type. Fender (unfortunately) seems to put these numbers on almost all of their pickups. Again, thank you, this might just be the great mystery of my current strat project.