I loved the intro/outro, Im a sucker for that chord progression, it always gets me, and that final lead at the end is a nice touch (kinda Broken Wings from Alter Bridge). The solos are pretty good and fit the song nicely. Overall the song is really well structured, im not crazy about the vocal melodies but the music is promising.

Thanks for your thoughts BTW, as for the solo wankery, i kinda agree with you, but besides that i think each solo individually is pretty good, so we didn't want to left any of them out of the song, so we tried to put them together the most natural way possible.

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Okay, I'll type as I listen...

I love the guitar progression, the tone sounds nice.

Not a huge fan of the harmonies, not really creative?

Love the drums.

Feels a little rushed though @ :48.

Singing could be a little stronger maybe. The dual vocals helps out though.

Sweet wah solo, nice playing. Until that weird speed picking part, gets kind of messy, but still sounds decent.

I'm noticing the drums should also probably be further forward in the mix because they sound really good, hah.

By the way, check out my little riff thing, called "csc" in my profile!

The outtro is wicked cool, going back to the intro. Gotta say, not a huge fan of the "play one last chord and vamp" idea that many bands use though.
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