Alright so here's my spiel.

I play through a '59 Reissue Bassman; love the amp. Tons of clean headroom, dead silent, take pedals like nothing else I've played through (from Fender anyway), and I wouldn't trade it for anything (of equal or less value).

That being said, it's killing me having to lug that thing around.

There's tons of carts and rollers on the internet that I've looked at, but none at the price I'm looking for; I don't want to spend over $100 on something like this, I'd rather carry the sucker around if it's any more than that. But most of the rollers I've looked at are designed for 1x12's or 2x12s, not a 4x10 like my Bassman.

So has anyone heard/used a roller that they liked that works with 4x10s? Just looking for recommendations for now.
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just get a dolly/hand truck.
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