Hi! Hope this is the right part of the forum for this topic my first post so ^^

I've decided to trade my "old" Epiphone Flying-V for an SG of some sort, and while browsing around the net I got into this forum which seems to be full of folks who knows what they're talking about.

I've been playing guitar for quite a while and I've had a few guitars but haven't really been satisfied with 'em. A while ago I got hold of an SG (can't remember the model) but I digged it alot, + my obsession (no kidding..) of Frank Zappa has made me decide to get one.

First, I wanna say that I know how a good guitar feels, plays and sounds, so that's not really one of the issues that I need help with

But I got a few questions which you guys hopefully can help me answer.

#1 I've been trying to find an SG that's pretty Similar to Frank Zappas "Baby Snakes SG" but haven't really found one (Might just happen that I'm a crappy searcher :/), I know that it's a custom SG but surely there must be one that looks similiar to it. I really dig that walnut/brown kinda thing it got going on. Does anyone know of such a model?

Frank Zappas Baby Snake SG

Also wondered if anyone has any idea what kinda model this is:

Also one of Zappas guitars The full body pickguard is just awesome

#2 I just wanna hear some opinions on where and for how much you should buy an SG. Are the stock models any good? What is worth what and is brands important?

I know that if you find a good guitar that suits you and suits your playstyle and taste, the cost and brand isn't really an issue, but I live pretty secluded and don't have that much chances to go around music stores trying em all out, and when I do, it would be awesome to have some pre-info. Just wanna make sure you know I ain't no fool ^^

SG Special in Faded Brown ought to do you well.

**EDIT: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Faded-SG-Special-Electric-Guitar?sku=517222

Some sandpaper on the finish, pickup swap for the Zebra look, and a new pickguard, and you'll essentially have it.
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the nearest looks to be the sg special but they no longer make the pickguard like in the photos you could probably pick one up but you would need to look ay a 60's style. you would want to put zebra pickups in and look at getting a guitar in worn cherry or worn brown
Poomie The second guitar was the famous ROXY .  I think the top suffered some damage .hence the full size pic guard .  These were the last mods Frank  made on it .I don't know why it was rarely seen , Notice the white head stock !   PS I think Dwezeel still has it .....
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