Alright, so i found out today that the unemployment office paid me 200 euros less than they were supposed to for this month, and I don't know why. Maybe it was a mistake, but maybe not, I'm gonna ask tomorrow.. I've been doing an internship at an animation studio for the past 4 months, and there's a good chance I'll get hired, I have to talk to my boss tomorrow. If he says yes, no problem.

If everything else fails, I'm going to be 200 euros short on my rent this month. of course I'm going to bust my butt off to try and get them myself, but if I cant, do you think it would be right to ask my parents for help? obviously I'd pay them back in April or May, but I my mom doesn't have that much money and I haven't seen my dad in months, so it's not that easy to decide.

what do you think?
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No, but get a job.

If this continuous it will be sad, but everyone needs a hand occasionally.
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Ask them and pay them back when you can. Also get them a little something to say thanks.

That's what I'd do anyway.



go to the unemployment office and ask about it?
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Surely you should be able to call someone at the office and find out what's happened.
If they're cunts(the people at the unemployment office, I mean), borrow from your parents, and pay them back as and when you can. And then buy them something nice as a thankyou.

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No, but get a job.

If this continuous it will be sad, but everyone needs a hand occasionally.

that's a no-brainer, if it doesn't work out with the animation studio after all, I'm gonna have to find something else. However, I'd still have no money for March and I'd have to ask them.
as long as you're trying to get work, and will actually try to pay it back, it's not shameful. everyone needs a little help once in a while.

but do your damndest to get the money yourself. you'll probably feel better about it.
they're parents, and they can help you. there's no shame in that. they clothed and fed you for a large part of your life anyway...
but i guess if they're strapped for cash too, there could be some issues. but i'm sure they'll help if they can.
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There's no shame in asking your parents for help. You're their son(or daughter, not sure what sex you are), I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help you out in any way they can. Just explain your situation to them and it should all be fine.
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I can relate to this... I'm out of college for a few years now though and have been working full time, but now and then I was in need of a few extra dollars here and there for bills, as I have loan payments on top of everything else each month. I HATED having to ask mom for money, knowing she wasn't in a position to be handing it out.. yet when I needed it she always managed somehow, which I am grateful. With that said, I always pay my debts ASAP, I can't stand to owe money to people for any period of time. Ask if they can afford to help you out... no shame in that.
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Don't worry, no one will think any less of you if you ask your parents for a pick-me-up.
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No, but get a job.

If this continuous it will be sad, but everyone needs a hand occasionally.

Yeah cos that's really easy nowadays
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I'm gonna find it so difficult finding an animation job.


If you can't ask your parents who can you ask?
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