Long story short, my old EX-50 has insanely high action but I still get fret buzz from eleven and upwards. I think (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the neck has too much relief and needs to have the curvature reduced. As such, I simply want to know which way to turn the truss rod (when looking down the neck from the head)?

If I reduce the relief and then adjust the saddles for intonation and action, it should work, correct? As it is now, it's difficult to play from the high action but it still buzzes, probably because the saddles don't give enough angle on the strings.

Lots of speculation here, I've never done any real amount of guitar setup-work, so advice is quite welcome.
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you'll want to put a capo on the 1st fret, fret the 15th and shoot for a gap of .011" at the 7th fret. (use a feeler gauge).
After that, given your string gauge, frets, and scale length allow, you can get your action really low (1/16th" or lower at the 12th fret)

Edit: to make that clear, turn the truss rod clockwise if you're looking at the top of where you adjust it.
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I'll have to get a feeler gauge, yeah. But thanks, that cleared some things up... I'll turn it clockwise a bit and leave it overnight then. If it looks good tomorrow I'll adjust the saddles.