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How do you take your coffee? Instant or real /milk and sugar or not etc...

Instant nescafe gold with milk = my nice cup o' joe

how 'bout you
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Like my man.


Black, no sugar!

EDIT: Didn't see the "Like my man" part
Milk and sugar. Can drink it black but rarely do if milk and sugar is available.
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I usually have mine with biscuits.

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Tim Hortons double double.

sorry for double post, but i work at the timmies...

we hate serving double doubles. Good day to you sire.
Any kind with milk and sugar. When I go to starbucks, I get a mocha.

But I rarely drink coffee.
black, one sugar
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My god.

Your username... it's amazing.

I like mochas, they taste so so good.
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i like my coffee like i like my women....from behind
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black and as strong as possible. i like it when my teeth feel like they're melting.
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Any strong blend with some milk, maybe sugar if I'm feeling self-indulgent.
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Black, no sugar!

EDIT: Didn't see the "Like my man" part

I enjoyed this way too much.

I take mine with sugar and nothing else. If I'm out I typically go to Dunkin Donuts.
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black and as strong as possible. i like it when my teeth feel like they're melting.

Is there any other way to drink coffee?
tbh I dont like coffee that much.. it tastes like what I think a cigarette would taste like.
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i like it like i like my women...... ground up and in the freezer

i was waiting for that joke
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sorry for double post, but i work at the timmies...

we hate serving double doubles. Good day to you sire.

They're prefect though! Just the right amount of everything!
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No sugar, i'm sweet enough.

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Very strong! A little 1/2 & 1/2, and Equal.
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I prefer iced mochas from coffee shops, but when I prepare it myself, I add milk and a little sugar.
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If I want to enjoy a cup of coffee, I drink it black, but not too strong.
pretty much and thing that as coffee in it
iced mocha

and i like my coffee with PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tim Hortons double double.


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Tim Hortons double double.

This if I get medium or large. If I get extra large then it's 3/3.
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I don't drink coffee, I personally don't like the taste. For a caffeine-esque pick-me-up I normally have some pepsi/coke.
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It has varied through the years. Started off with milk and sugar, then just milk, then just sugar, now just black no sugar.
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Tim Horton's single single if I'm out and about, but I usually just make coffee at home and put cream and sugar in.
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I like sissy coffee. Lots of sugar and all that good ****.
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