this might be a very noob question but is there any disadvantage to tuning down your acoustic guitar a step then using a capo on the second fret. It really lowers the action and makes songs easier to play. However i never see people do this so i'm assuming there is a reason not to.
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Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with it but you would probably get a bit of fret buzz with the strings so loose if you're using regular strings, plus your intonation will be off.

Also, why don't you just lower your action manually?
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If your guitar is set up correctly, the action shouldn't change much if you use a capo. That's why most players don't do it. Also, you lose some note range on the instrument.
I tried to do that once, not to lower the action, simply didnt want to tune the guitar every time i wanted to play a certain song which was half-step down.
Anyways I noticed that the intonation was off. Also you won't be able to fine tune with capo on. And if you keep the capo on for long, it wears off.
You'll be way better off sanding down the bridge, but be careful with that.
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