right now i m just getting my distortion from my valveking halfstack distortion, and a tube screamer to give me a little boost. i have some other pedals, including a delay. ther problem is though, it sounds like garbage cuz all the notes clash and it gets all fuzzy. it just sounds awful. i asked my friend if i could borrow his boss metalcore pedal and the delay sounded amazing with that. no clashing, it had that "ebow esque sound." i m looking to purchase a metal muff rather than a metalcore. do you guys think the delay will have the same effect with the metal muff as with the metalcore?
do you have the delay in the loop or in front of your amp?

i don't see why you would need a distortion pedal, your VK + TS with the boost (make sure your gain is on 0 on your TS) should give you a good sound.
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it does have a good sound, it s just the delay sounds like crap with the amps distortion.
No threadjack, but do Boss ML-2 Metalcore pedals sound good?
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My setup goes: guitar>Metal Muff>Phaser>EQ>NS2>Cyborg Delay>Amp. The metal muff has tons of gain and i have to dial it back alot when I run it through the delay. On single note lines it sounds cool and the distortion stays pretty crisp. Without the eq things get little mushy but you can clean things up if you roll of some gain, a little bass and punch the mids a bit. Basicly I keep the gain around 9 or 10 o'clock treble at about 1 mids around 2:30 and bass at like 10 o'clock. It sounds pretty sweet. I have a bit of experience with the metalcore and its not bad, I think I get a bit more control with the Metal Muff, Im kind of a tone tweaker and I really like that pedal.
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