hey has anyone here know about those USB gadgets that you plug in, and it becomes a remote so you can be listening to music in another room other than the room that your computer is in, but you want to change the song?

anyways, i'm kinda interested in getting one. anybody know of any good quality, bang for the buck USB remote things?
cant say I do mate..
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i've got one

it's a HP one.

it actually came with my comp cos my windows is the XP media centre one so don't know how much they cost

but it's f'kin awesome dude! you can turn your comp into a telly and everything! and one remote controls everything, even powerpoint presentations or flicking through pictures can all be done with the remote. if you want, you can also type stuff! but thats like a mobile phone where the letters are like text message (2 is abc, 3 is def etc etc)

as i said, i'm unsure of price, but i highly reccomend you get one! they're just amazing