im going to be building a sick tele...its going to be a white tele body, maple neck, gold humbucker bridge, white pearloid pickguard cut for a neck humbucker, using gold covered pickups gold hardware, just curios to know if im missing anything?

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Telecaster Gold control plate vintage Style
[remove] $11.95 Yes $11.95
Custom Neck Humbucker PIckguard for Tele White Pearloid
[remove] $19.95 Yes $19.95
Gold Humbucker Bridge for Tele
[remove] $17.95 Yes $17.95
VEH- Vintage Extra Hot- Gold- The BROWN SOUND
[remove] $39.95 Yes $39.95
VEH- Vintage Extra Hot- Gold- The BROWN SOUND: Vintage Extra Hot- GOLD- NECK POSITION
[remove] $39.95 Yes $39.95
Full Sized 500K Audio Pot- Alpha Brand -
[remove] $2.45 Yes $4.90
3 Way switch with Free Tip, Screws, EZ Diagram
[remove] $6.95 Yes $6.95
Ceramic Disk Tone Caps- .047uf for Strat/Tele
[remove] $1.95 Yes $1.95
Guitar Hook Up Wire- 26 gauge Stranded USA Made 100ft spools
[remove] Color : Black-
$7.95 Yes $7.95
Tele/Hardtail Gold Vintage Spec. String Ferrules
[remove] $7.95 Yes $7.95
Vintage 21 fret Maple Neck- Fits Tele Body-FREE GRAPHITE NUT!
[remove] $49.00 Yes $49.00
6 on a plate Tuners fits fender headstocks GOLD
[remove] $25.95 Yes $25.95
Tele Style Body "Trans-White Ash"
[remove] $79.00 Yes $79.00
Telecaster Vintage Gold Output Cup with FREE Jack!
[remove] $6.95 Yes $6.95
Gold Knurled Brass Tele Knobs for Split Shaft Pots -
[remove] $11.95 Yes $11.95
Ultra Thick Gold Neck Plate with Screws for Strat/Tele
[remove] $9.95 Yes $9.95

Subtotal: $342.25
Total: $342.25
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Marshall JCM900 1960a Lead 4x12
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Do not buy all your parts from guitar fetish. They are ok for knobs, pots, and other small parts, but please do not buy a bridge from them, not the best quality.

And as far as pickups go ask the guy at tonefordays.com for an estimate and get some hand wound pickups.

Or you can ignore what I'm saying and just build an everyday guitar that won't last that long.
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