So i've written 6 songs over the course of maybe 2 and a half weeks, people at school think they're good but I want your guys opinion! Lemme know if they is anything i can change, because I really want to enhance my writing skills as much as possible!! Aslo. tell me if they sound Emo or like normal songs!

BE BRUTAL if they suck please!

Break Free
Kyle Fredericks

Break free,
From everything that exists,
Everything good,
And everything bad

Then look away,
And start something new
Something different,
Take control of what is rightfully yours

Then break free,
From everyone that is thoughtless,
Everyone who is useless,
Just go on your own,
Make it your own,
Then go with it

Then look quickly,
To see everything you’ve missed

Faintly Remembered
Kyle Fredericks

Awaiting the arrival,
Of such memories made,
Memories of the long forgotten past,
But faintly remembered

Memories that served a purpose,
A reason,
A reason to be held onto,
But faintly remembered

Memories that make us who we are today,
What we’ve become of
Falling out of our view slowly,
But faintly remembered

Maybe memories are reflections of our future,
Glimpses of the future
Putting the pieces together,
You will find your future,
Maybe not all of it
So you’ll have to reminisce,
But it will still be faintly remembered

Forever (Gone)
Kyle Fredericks

Take a look at what you see
Because after awhile,
It won’t be there anymore

Take a look at what you have
Because after awhile,
It’ll be gone if you don’t look back

Take a look at what remains
What was once your self powered hate
How long will it be there?

Is everything you see, love,
And above all love,
Really worth it?

If it is really worth something,
Then appreciate what you have left,
Because after awhile,
It’ll slowly fade away,
With a trace,
Without any hesitation,
It will be gone

Kyle Fredericks

You were there,
You were gone

You always said,
What you meant,
Even if your intentions weren’t true.

But really,
You were just a lie,
a tease

Someone who never learned,
What’s right,
And what’s wrong

You run in circles,
Trapped in time,
Surrounded by,
You hate

Make It Yours
Kyle Fredericks

The worlds mind set so abroad,
So deep in thought
Snap decisions,
Paralyzing millions and millions of minds

Our minds rid unwanted images,
Violent images of our past,
Changing our futures,
Some worthy to cause,
Some unlucky to change

What is the worlds mind is in their own mind,
What people do in the world is in their time
Our mind is our mind,
Some stronger than others
And what we do is in our time

With both kinds of minds combined,
Nothing is impenetrable
It’s the state of mind you get,
So make it yours

Sinful Lies
Kyle Fredericks

Put my lies in the past,
The past where you can forget without much trouble,
So I can move on,
With everything that matters the most
And carry on with my life

To hell with all my regretful lies,
Getting rid of everything that hurts the most,
Pieces of my memorable past,
Getting a move on,
After forgetting my sinful lies

Putting words In my mouth,
Thoughts in my head
To bring them back,
Those unwanted lies
Its just hard to forget

To hell with all my regretful lies,
Getting rid of everything that hurts the most,
Pieces of my memorable past,
Getting a move on,
After forgetting my sinful lies
Calm & Collective
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