Whats the difference between True bypass and 100% signal Bypass? Just curious, my friend has a wah pedal that is 100% signal bypass, is that the same as True Bypass? Thanks for the help.
Probably not. Companies use phrases like that to make something seem like TB when it likely isn't. Doesn't make it bad, just means it's probably not true bypass.
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Rule of Thumb: Unless it says "True Bypass" exactly, it does not have true bypass.
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Hmm I was looking at a Budda Bud wah and I thought It had true bypass, but it says 100% signal bypass.
I don't know, if it's a budda wah, they call it 100% signal bypass and it's really true bypass, from everything I've read.

oh wow, that's what you were looking at. Neat-o
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if it's from Budda, you can be pretty certain it's True Bypass. Budda definitely does not make some run on the mill stuff, they are pretty top notch

edit: Yeah, just double checked, it is true bypass
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True bypass isn't necessarily better, a good buffer every now and then in your signal chain (especially if it's a long signal chain) is really important.


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