so me and my friend were hanging out in a mall area (target, best buy, and what not)and we decided to go into goodwill. we were just chilling trying to kill some time. and then we just looked for random things and we find an aspen acoustic for 30 dollars. i've never heard of that brand, and im not much of an acoustic person but kinda want to be. the guitar overall was in pretty good condition, and it had a hardshell case and it played pretty well, i liked the action on it. but i was wondering if any of you guys ever heard of or had an experience with "aspen" guitars"? how much they sell new? i search yahoo but didn't find anything. searched the reviews but didnt see the brand. i dont know if i should buy it, because i kind of want an acoustic, but i dont want to buy a crappy one.

30 dollars for a guitar with good sound and good play. Go for it.
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nice discovery, sir.

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sounds good
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Don't let the brand bother you. If it plays well and you can afford it then go for it. And for a nice feeling and sounding guitar for 30 bucks? Thats a steal.
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30 dollars for a guitar with good sound and good play. Go for it.

This man speaks the truth.
ive heard of it. i saw a les paul remake selling for about 200 at a guitar store from that brand. i dont know anything else about the brand.
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yes actually!
apparently they have great sound for their value.
and their price range are from 200 used and up
500 new? wtf.
im getting it.
for 30 bucks.

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