Hi all. I'm looking to get a new amp, and currently have a Krank Rev Jr. I was thinking of getting a combo for a bit, but realized that I technically do have a perfectly good 1x12 cab... so could I buy a regular sized amp head, plug it in, and be in a tonal wonderland? Or would it blow up in my face? It would look awkward, of course, to set the head on top of said cab, but if it sounds great, then no problem.
I have no idea what you're talking about. If you have a cab and it's capable of handling 20 watts and the amp's ohms can match up you can use it.
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the ohms are what you need to worry about
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he also needs to worry about whether the speaker can handle the power ouput of the head.

That's mainly what I am talking about. The head would probably be around 50 watts; the Rev Jr head is 20. But! The Rev Jr Pro (which is 50 watts) comes with the same 1x12 cab.
50w should be fine for a 40-50w head.
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