Hey this is my first post here. Well currently I am using a Ibanez GSR205 5-String Bass(http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-GSR205-5String-Bass?sku=519525) It is a cheap bass but it sounds fine to me. So yesterday I am at my dads house cleaning out his attic and i found a bass that he got a long time ago from a pawn shop. The bass is a Guild B-302(https://www.premierguitar.com/Stream/StreamImage.aspx?Image_ID=2657&type=gear&Image_Type=full) But the problem is it is a left handed bass and I play right handed. Ive been wanting to buy a new bass for a while but don't have the money to do so and I also have been desiring a vintage bass sound. I did some research on the bass and it is from 1979. Well the main question is should I convert it to play it right handed. Would that work and is it even worth it to do so?
Well I played it. The strings haven't been changed in forever and are out of tune. But it sounded like if I did change them it would sound kick ass. The bass does look sexy... I think i fell in love with it already lol
Keep the guild, and get a new nut. Atleast I think thats all you have to do. Switch her to righty and you are good to go. A sexy vintage bass >>>>>>> some Ibanez.

The knobs will get in the way. Well, I'm stumped.
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The Neck dive, the worse fret access and the knobs under your arm are major turn offs to me. If vou can deal with those then go for it.
Wait, is it not the one in the picture? Cos that looks righty to me
(unless I'm seeing wrong or something )
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The one in the picture is the same exact bass only right handed. I found the image on google.
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The Neck dive, the worse fret access and the knobs under your arm are major turn offs to me. If vou can deal with those then go for it.

Yea, it's gonna be a real pain in the ass to play. Especially with that many knobs.
you could sell it and buy something almost as awesome but righty
Yay fibonacci!
If you can learn to play right up by the neck, and your super careful of the switch, then it should be alright if you converted it. The knobs might be uncomfortable, but then again, you'd be unique! How many right handed bass players do you see playing left-handed Guilds?
Nuts are pretty cheap so i say convert it and see if it works. if nobody else is gonna use it why not. the knobs would be kinda annoying but hey worth a shot.
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i might kill you if you dont start playing the guild! the neck dive will only make you stronger, lol.

my first and still my only bass is a guild b301...youve got the upgraded version there, my friend! use it wisely.