So, here i am with craploads of moneys and a list as long as my **** of guitars to buy and next up on the list is a V. I think ive decided on the laiho esp the white and black one ( i dont have a white guitar yet) but i dont have anything with active pickups. I read a thread the other day with something about 18v mods and i loved the sound of it...... what would happen if i did an 18v mod to a single active ????? would it be so br00t4lz the world would end for awesomeness or would it just be so overpowered it would sound like poo......
Probably the latter, if it didn't break.

You wouldn't put 500volts into an AA battery.
It wont make a difference the pickup is rated at 27V

if you connect one single coil to 18V or one humbucker to 18V, or 2 humbuckers and a single coil to 18V they will all drain only 18V

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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It will sound good, and would actually probably work quite well and produce a better sound, but it wouldn't be br00t4lz, because, br00t4lz is for retards, and the guitar wouldn't sound retarded
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