I've been trying to decide which one i should get and i can't make up my mind. They both look awesome, have similar effects, and cost about the same. Can anyone give me some suggestions (like the pros and cons of each pedal)? I heard that the EH Small Stone makes the volume drop. Is this true???
I have the phase 90 and its great. Simple control, sturdy as a rock, and sounds great.

Haven't tried the small stone though.
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They're basically the same, try them out and see which you prefer.
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There is a volume drop with my Small Stone, so yeah, I'd go with the Phase 90. I've been considering switching over for awhile now.
analogman sells a version of the Small Stone that is modded for unity gain so there is no volume drop. Lucky you

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They have subtle differences, a "flavor" so to speak. Try out both.


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try em both, but the EVH MXR Phase 90 FTW IMO =D it can sound like a chorus or a phaser.

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