Poll: Ibanez S Prestige or Jackson RR24M
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Ibanez SV5470
12 75%
Jackson RR24M
4 25%
Voters: 16.
I've been looking into getting a new guitar and I was set on the Ibanez S5470.

I came close to getting it, but then I remembered how I really wanted a Jackson RR24 when it first came out.

So after more revisions, I've (un)narrowed my list to:

Ibanez S5470 or SV5470
Jackson RR24M

Once again, I'm interested in hearing opinions (and I am keeping in mind that these are just opinions)

From BRIEFLY playing these, I like the feel of both of them. They both have nice necks and unique bodies, though I can't decide which neck I prefer more.

I think a major factor to consider, is the pickup CONFIGURATION (not the actual pickups)

I like the idea of the HSH + coil split of the SV5470, but I also like the single H for it's sumplicity.

I usually use the bridge pickup and distortion, but lately I've been getting into more kinds of music, which is why I'm worried I might miss the versatility

If it makes any difference, my favorite bands are Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and Pink Floyd but in general I like progressive and melodic death and some power metal. Keep in mind I'm not trying to copy anyone's sound.

And finally I'm sorry for such a long post and understand if you don't feel like reading all of it so the gist of it is:

I can't decide between an Ibanez S Prestige (in which case I'd most likely opt for the SV5470) or a Jackson RR24M
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SV5470 is what im saving up for
mainly because is so versitile and i like the feel

ive never played that jackson though
Well, if you like Opeth and Dream Theater lead tones, it's almost essential to have a neck pickup.
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Jackson FTW!!
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