I just tuned my guitar into d standard ( D G C F A D ) for the first time, anyways what good songs are in D standard to play.
I think all the songs from the Fall of Ideals album by All That Remains is in D Standard, give those a try
Anything by Motley Crue
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anything by Death
anything by Symphony X
early Bodom
Shadows Fall
Morbid Angel
Cannibal Corpse (i think one album)
Dark Tranquillity (two albums i think)
Gojira - Oroborus, A Sight to Behold
newer Metallica
some Testament stuff
some Dream Theater

i think a Slayer album is in D Standard, unless they went from D# to C# without a D Standard transition
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Bodom for the win
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Amorphis has a lot of quite easy but also fun songs. Same applies to Insomnium.
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six-all that remains
hatecrew deathroll-children of bodom
not that difficult songs