hey guys, i wanna learn Down From the Sky by Trivium. Then i noticed its a 5 string bass part, and knowing my luck i only have a 4 string. Is there anyway i can tune it or sumthing for it to work?
Yes. Just tune to BEAD, and move the notes from the G string up 5 frets... If there are notes on the highest 5 frets of G, youll have to go away from fourths.
you can always just play an octave higher on the notes that are on the B, if not then you can just tune down to BEAD
If you're going to play in BEAD tuning you definitely will need to get heavy gauge strings, or else there will be sh*t all string tension and you'll sound way too clicky.
You can tune it down but if it stays that way for a while you might need a truss rod adjustment.