for some reason i cant get these to sound good are they supposed to be hard or do i just need more distortion. Any advice could help.
Try more distortion, and play around with the selector switch
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Make sure you're hitting the string at JUST the right spot, it will take a lot of practice.
You need a lot of gain, the action has to be high enough, and you have to strum using the pick and the side of your thumb almost simultaneously. Having your guitar on treble will help and try picking at different parts across your pickups.
more distortion can't hurt and where you do the harmonic when you pick the string greatly affects the sound of it.

try doing some up and down the string and you'll see what I mean.

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Also be on the bridge pickup.
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Dude, you already asked about sweep picking.

You just gotta practice, man!

Did you go to that link that was posted in your sweep picking thread? I'm sure it will help.
For my gryphon I usually set it on the neck pickup, various amounts of distortion, from a moderate distortion to way too much. It is easier to get a pinch, for me, out of humbuckers, so I don't use the coil splitter. It is alot practice to improve your technique. I used to never be able to do it unless I had insane amount of distortion, I practiced more and more and can do it better than before. No absolutely perfect and not everywhere, but I can do it better than before.

Just practice man.
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Dont forget about using really fast and wide vibrato with the fretting hand, that will really make them scream off the neck.
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If you want to preform a clean pinch harmonic there are multiple factors to look at. The position of the pickup your using... its possible to hear the "scream" they make on the the neck setting, but much more dull. Use the bridge pickup. Secondly, the way you pick... You honestly dont have to pick hard, its all about technique. What i do is i hold the pick where the tip lies flat against the middle of the my thumb... this leaves a small portion of your thumb exposed to the left and when the pick slides off the string, it lightly touches your thumb.. this is one way to preform a pinch harmonic. There are several techniques, but I, myself the find this the easiest... the negative... you can only really down pick like this... if your skill enough, you can pick and use the palm of your hand to get the ring.. AGAIN, you seriously dont need massive distortion.. if you preform them clean enough you can hear them while playing clean, but they are not as pleasant to listen too.. it takes a little practicing to get on too, but do it and it will become second nature.
Make sure you are doing them on the right frets.
you can do them on pretty much any fret but are just easier than others.

And make sure you are HOLDING YOUR PICK PERFECTLY.
When you get good at it, it doesn't matter as much, but holding the pick correctly really helps when you are first learning.

The first time I ever played a pich harmonic, (omg it was a while ago) but I remember that I was just playing, the pick started to slip, and there wasn't much pick sticking out...
and then it just, like...happened.....