hey guys; I got 2 pedals hooked up to my gibson explorer... a banshee talbox and a Boss metal zone.
My question is; what would be a good wah pedal to have? I need it for the sweet child o mine solo and enter sandman (thought an example might help )
Thanks in advance :]
well yea; but do you have an example for a brand name?
Just to get me started?
I don't live near a music store (bahamas; ugh), so I cna't try any out. Don't really have a budget, but would like it to be at most around 300$
If you have that much to spend, I'd suggest a Budda Wah or a Fulltone Wah.
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O sorry dude there was one about chaining it i thought i clicked that, Blahhhh
I use to use The Dunlop Cry Baby which is retailing around 200$ aus dollars it did the job nicely but yeah there are better Im sorry for reading the post wrong lol
haha; no problem dude. Was wondering where that bit of advice came from xD

I'll check out those brands and get bakc to you all.
I use the Dunlop zakk wylde crybaby on both of these solos and they sound great


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I use the Dunlop zakk wylde crybaby on both of these solos and they sound great


I don't even like Zakk Wylde but that wah is my favorite of all of mine for sure.
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I'd go with an RMC Picture Wah with that kind of money. Unless its 300 AUS.

If he's going to be playing high gain, I would suggest a Wheels of Fire or Wizard wah, but peferably the Teese Wheels of Fire.
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