how do you get jobs for carrying signs on the streets?

if you don't know, can you suggest any other easy jobs?
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You ask someone at the company on the signs. Duh.

that doesn't make sense
Are you serious?

Go get a real job and stop being a bum. Damn.

If you're hell bent on being lazy for no real reason, you go into the store and ask to carry their sandwichboard signs.
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You really want that job. You know everyone hates those people? I refuse to look at them simply to oppose their purpose.
mostly stores going out of business pay ppl to hold the signs youd have to go to the store and talk to someone, nows a good time with all these places going out of business aka circuit city, kb toys, fortuneoff and linens and things, the pay is pretty horrible and its off the books
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that doesn't make sense

And that's why you're not qualified enough to hold a sign on the street.
Apparently you need to be attacked by ninjas. Interesting.




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
checkout person
contact the company
ask one of the poor sods holding the sign
Pull my finger

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I always feel terrible for those people.
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I remember that

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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

Who even reads what the signs say when the people are holding them?
Let alone actually going and doing what the sign says.

I just tend to look at how goofy the person is and how they are acting.
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That sounds like something a lampost could do.

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