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Wayne Gretzky
17 77%
Mark Messier
2 9%
I'm American and don't care about Hockey
3 14%
Voters: 22.
hi since this does not reflect on the current NHL season i thought it would be ok to make a seperate thread about this.

i was just discussing with my roommate who was the better hockey player Wayne Gretzky or Mark Messier.

I Think it's Mark Messier because he was able to win 2 Stanley Cups without Wayne, while Gretzky could only win the cup while he was playing with messier. Also Gretzky's best seasons points wise were with Messier. Therefore i came to the conclusion that even though Gretzky has more points and holds more records Messier was in the end a better player.
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Weren't they both cokeheads?

EDIT: Lindross ftw...

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**** you dude. I'm american and I'm pretty damn interested in hockey.

But you make a good arguement... Gretzky's a great player and I WAS gunna say Gretzky... But You may have changed my mind.

so for now, I agree. Messier.
cups have nothing to do with being a better player, its a team sport. messier was a better captain but gretzky was the better overall player, very skilled and very selfless.
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Gretzky was better, however Lemieux in his prime may match Gretzky.
Quote by Jimmyyoung
Gretzky was better, however Lemieux in his prime may match Gretzky.

I forgot about Lemieux

however, one thing that counts against Gretzky is he drastically declined after he left the Oilers
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I'm gonna say Gretzky for a few reasons...even though this is a tricky argument because they were both great but in different ways, from a viewpoint of whom I would take to build a franchise around...it would be Gretzky because:
1) Your argument about him scoring more points with Messier than without him is flawed because Greztky was with Messier for the prime of his career, therefore it is logical that he would put up more points in the prime of his career...Messier had his best goal scoring campaigns with Gretzky.
2) Winning the cup is a team achievement, not an individual one.
3) Unlike Messier, Gretzky was still effective and put up impressive point totals right until the end of his career (on some ****ty teams too, mind you)
4) 9 Hart trophies and 10 Art Ross trophies (3 collected after leaving the Oilers) really speak for themselves.
5) Gretzky made his linemates superstars..Kurri barely passed 30 goals twice without Greztky...I think its a safe bet that without Greztky he would never have hit 71 and 68 goal seasons.
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