I broke the radial head in my left arm. This is at the elbow joint and it's preventing me from rotating my wrist so that my palm faces up. i.e. I can't play guitar. Anyone else had a similar fracture and got any stories to tell about how it affected your playing?

I'm going to track my progress via video -

Yes, but before I played guitar so I, as usual, have nothing to contribute to this discussion.
Yes and it sucked. I broke it in grade five riding a scooter in my basement and hitting/skooter tripping over a pencil. I find this story highly embarrassing and I don't know why I felt the need to tell it xD

also: I played clarinet not guitar at the time so it wasn't a big deal in that regard.
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Try putting your guitar body on the ground and playing it like a cello.
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Try putting your guitar body on the ground and playing it like a cello.

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I shattered the plate under my pinky knuckle, fractured the long bone that leads from the wrist to the knuckle, and compacted my wrist pretty badly all at once when I was younger. I was in a cast for months upon months after the doc re-broke it to set it again. Try playin bass like that.
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