Hey, I'm looking for a new amp. I wanted something with amazing fender blackface cleans and good SRV blues overdrive. I have an OCD as well, so it can add to the overdrive if an amp is lacking.
The tone I'm after is that of a vintage Fender blackface Vibrolux or vibroverb, but being as they're in the 2-3000 range, I can't do it. I could go about $1000 and I'm definitely willing to go used (i'll probably have to). I also love the tone of Princeton Reverbs, but they're only 15 watts and I need a little more. Probably at least 25-30 watts.
Here's an example of the tone I'm looking for:

I'm just hoping that there's a less popular brand than Fender, as it should be cheaper. I'd like for it to be roughly $1000 USD used.

(FYI I currently have an Orange Tiny Terror but it's too small, I want a combo, and it has weak cleans.)

TL;DR: I need a good amp similar to Fender Blackfaces that isn't made by fender so it can squeeze around the $1000 range
Why don't you look at the silverface reissues? Right around your price range, and great Fender chimey tones.
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i cant stand the reissues. they literally sound bad to me.
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Chea_man is the best.
Yeah, not a big fan of a lot of the reissues either. The Princeton Reverb Reissue is one of the few I like, but as I said I need more volume than that.
Randall RM50 with Blackface and Tweed modules?
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I've spent a lot of time today looking around online, and I think up so far, the amp I'm most interested in is now the Fender Bassman. The 62 seems to be the best to me, but I do want a combo.. To be honest, the Reissue sounded awesome to me in youtube videos. As long as it sounds fine, I'll be happy. Unfortunately it's still a good $1600 so maybe I can grab a used one or sell my body or something.
just pick up a SF that has been BF'ed (and make sure the job is well done)