I love this one, cuz Frusciante is my boy. But where the hell could i find one of these. They seem rare as ****. any help appreciated
They're discontinued and rare.
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Its a vintage out of production effect. So expect to pay if really want one. And there are some issues you might have to deal with. There are some parts in em that are unavailable anymore. The was a thread on here not long ago a guy needed a new pot for his and couldnt get one.
Wilson effects has a clone of this wah called the Ten Spot 2. Probably the closest you're going to get to the real thing.
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So it actually sounds the same?

Yup, almost exactly the same,

I second the Wilson Ten Spot Wah. The original Ten Spot is a Clone of the Black version of the WH-10, while the new Ten Spot II is a clone of the original Gray Version.

They sound just like the Originals, but have a Die-cast metal caseing, so they won't break easyily, True Bypass, so they aren't noisy, and I believe they don't have Volume Spikes like the WH-10

I myself am saving up for one.
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