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Drop that bitch, she isnt worth it.
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Wait to see what happens
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Your no ****ing princess, just do it.
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i know this probably belongs in the relationship thread but please hear me out.
its long but hear it is...

if it bugs you that much then tell me and ill delete i this

heres the situation :
you finally got with this really hot girl whos about 2 years older than you.
you are a virgin and she isnt.but she tells you shes only been with 1 guy.
You have your doubts but you decide to ignore them, be in denial, and not think about it
because you really like this girl.
she tells you she haunt done it in a year( still have your doubts..)
this girl is a step under a nympho.
(you both love to make out and do all kinds of stuff ) it all works out..
youve always wanted to lose it to another virgin but decide that this girl will be okay becasue after all shes only done one guy rightt..
your not plaaning to do it for a awhile buttt an opportunity arises and in 1 month you guys almost did it. (you were interrupted but you both were already naked and ready..)
point is you couldve but didnt becasue the condom got too dry.
you start thinking hard after that night..
you begin thinking shes lied to you.

how can she love touching and kissing but not have had sex in a year?
(and when i say she loved it, SHE LOVES IT !!!)

you kinda already realized shes lied to you.. but still try to deny it becuase shes really great.. you both are really in sync, finishing eachothers sentences all the time
really feel connected with her..

you later find out through another person (whose sworn not to tell you anything )
that shes lied to you.( you knew all along)..
in addition to that one guy(whos was her boyfriend) she did this one guy after they broke up, (they werent even going out they were bascially ****kbuddies,.)
knowing her, she did it alot...
then she had a crazy night with her friends drinnking and what not.. had a threesome with her friend and one guy. once or twice they did that.
(apparantly they didnt even do it that much, real quick i guess)

you find all this out and realize this was much much bigger than anything you had anticipated.. your devasteddd...

the last time she had sex was a mere month before you guys started going out. you had already been talking to her for several months..

and now youve know this for a month.
she has not told you anything else at ALL. her friend has told her to tell me but she doesnt want to
she says she doesnt want to tell you becuase shell know youll break up with her
shes scared and doesnt want to lose you. she lied from the begining so you wouldnt leave her.

youve had to act like nothing so your "source" wouldnt get in trouble

you need to find a way to tell her. and have a big talk

but your scared to talk to her becasue she may lie to you again..
you dont want her to lie becasue you reallly like herrr....

what do you do??

its all pretty ****ed up...


I really dont know if youve read through the whole thing, but i thank you even if you just read it. Please give feedback. Im really confused and i need to know how to handle this. Is this worth it? or not? I mean im no ****ing princess but is this wayy too much..???

What the ****, relationship thread.

EDIT: Theres a shift button on the left side AND the right side of your keyboard, just above the control key. Use them. Also, 2 keys above that you will find the legendary tab key. These are two important keys to use if you want to be taken seriously.
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kay dude
all i read(and i read the whole thing is)
i dont want this girl but im being stupid and going for it anyways
2nd a month before you is nothing? wtf just be happy it wasnt earlier that day if shes a huge nympho
3rd from what i read she sounds like a normal girl not a nympho(YES girls enjoy sex too)

4th. u deffinetly dont want it, then wait it out, ps. the longer u wait, the less virgins your age are, and unless ur a pedo.. u get the point...

5th, welcome to teh real world dude.
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relationship thread.

seriously people, posting a disclaimer saying that it probably belongs in the relationship thread doesn't mean you can get away with posting it.