So instead of buying a classical guitar. Couldn't I just buy a set of nylon strings and slap them on my acoustic? How would this change the sound and such?
i belive not, they are plastic so they would probably get cut on the tuners (steel ones)
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Nylon strings are low tension. Steel strings are high tension. Nylon strings don't have enough energy to make a steel string sound good. It just doesn't work well.
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Plus the GBE strings more than likely won't fit into the slots in the nut, which are cut for the thinner steel strings. The main reason it won't sound very good is all the extra bracing in the soundboard of the steel string acoustic. It's there to provide support for the extra load steel strings place on the top, whereas nylons don't stress this area near as much. So, nylons won't be able to drive the soundboard as well.