Hey UG! I'm really excited because I just dialed in the PERFECT tone on my amp!

Anyways, there is one setback. When I pick, I hold it at nearly a 45 degree angle. This makes a very swooshy noise. However, when I started doing this, I was doing it for comfort, not tone. Now, it feels very weird to play with much less of an angle.

I was wondering what I should do to get rid of most of it, without changing the angle.

Another question...When I'm palm muting, I don't anchor my palm in one spot on the strings/bridge. When I do this, though, it makes a lot os noise that sometimes is louder than the note I'm actually playing! Am I doing it wrong or should I just get a Noise Gate or something?
learn to hold the pick straight, you'll thank yourself.
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Quote by Thomme
learn to hold the pick straight, you'll thank yourself.

Most if not all great guitarists insist on holding the pick on an angle (Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Dave Mustaine to name three I can remember hearing it straight from their mouths)

Just keep adjusting your angles and palm muting technique until you get what you want.
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Angling changes the sound. If you use a pick that has a sharp tip it makes less difference unless it is contoured. Most good players vary the angle throughout a solo, as they vary strength. Another tone tool at your fingertips. Too much attack can get annoying after a few bars.
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