I looked at a couple of the other posts on this board and got interested at like 1 AM...I really have no clue whatsoever what I'm doing Advice would be much appreciated, when I write this stuff I just jot down whatever comes into my head and put into order afterwords, usually with a tune in my head. I suppose that this would be a form of an alternative song written in about 10 min lol and I'm sure this is abounding with cliche's but I've been sort of desensitized to them...

Recycle life to make some more waste,
never forget the lies of history.
Troubled again by your disgrace,
I'm coughing up my misery

Trying not to suffocate under the pillow soaked in love's tears,
Blanket of deceit wound around me,
the fate of the false seer

I have been conformed again to the senseless idealist,
Forgot to understand again,
patronizing of past attempts:

There's a refusal to understand how I am affected,
By your lust, by your tears
Refusal to undergo
torments that have been left to me

Another rebuttal that no one will ever face,
just bringing the good out of a sicker situation
Sweating, and swearing, public humiliation

Countering a lie by telling the truth,
you've been slammed on the ground
Erect an idol to all false gods who like killing to die

The last time you see me,
was a reflection in another's eye,
if you look right through me
prepare for assumption's surprise.
Yes, there is more to music than enjoyment.