I am in the market for a new electric..

Price range: <1200
Style I play: Metal/Rock
Guitars Ive looked at: Schecter C-1 Shedevil, classic, and RAF Spitfire (hard to find)
Gibson SG 3
Ibanez ICT 700
ESP Ouiji and Laiho Blacky

The thing is, this is the first electric that I will be buying (my other was traded fr a bbq lol), and this will probably be the last guitar I buy for a long ass time. I want it to be worth the coin I'm willing to pay. Have any of you guys played/owned any of these guitars or any others worthy of my money, and what do you think of them?

I just wana make a well informed, well thought out decision with someone else's opinion besides the damn salesmen lol. Thanks for the input
lol.. Those are all pretty decent guitars. I'd tend to be slightly biased towards Ibanez though. Do try the Ibanez RG1570 before you make your decision. I personally find it brillient.
Cheers and all the best
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Obviously I'm biased because I own one, but definitely check out the Ibanez S5470. Great tone and it's built on ease of use. Plus, there's no better FR on any guitar, hands down. It'd be 100 bucks above your budget, but it's worth it.

Although you could always check out a non-Prestige S. Still great guitars, same feel, and about 300 less than the S Prestige.
those look nice, i cant wait to try em out.. the only thing, and I know that this is shallow as hell, but I want a more elaborate inlay than just dots.. like the Vine of Life in the Schecter C1 Classic... check it out

however, if the guitar feels right i really dont care what it looks like (for the most part)
I'm Gibson-biased so I'll say the Gibson SG.

With it, although it doesn't go up to 24 frets, who cares? You get 22 frets, you have a badass timeless guitar design and it looks awesome in any finish. That's only being superficial.

The humbuckers (you can always get them switched out with other pickups if you really want to) are generally good pickups and the SG is very versatile. The neck joins with the body at the 19th fret. This enables you to have easy access to the higher frets and if you for some reason decide to play slide guitar, you have very easy access to the higher frets. In addition, the neck is thin, but not too thin and is very fast and playable. It screams Gibson tone and design while still being able to play awesome heavy metal.
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thanks alot man.. hardest decision ive made, i didnt even put this much time into buying a car lol