Shipping Out Today

I am charmed by violence.
Bleeding arms deliver the best gifts.
My acceptance is dependant on survival conditions.

If I’m being shot at, you can bet I’ll be bold
In my belief there’s a sort of a framework that holds
Everything together if it hangs by a thread,
I mean, I’ll pray this second if the next I may be dead.
I place my stock in the great thereafter.
Hope I’m not mocked by divine laughter.
Scratch that, I don’t give a sh*t. Laugh away, hypocrites.

Lock and load.
Hit the deck.
Shellshock, warning bells
F*ck, I hope I’m not f*cked next.
Flipping into preset mode.
Killing has no secret cheat codes.
Spread the locals ‘cross their roads.
Lying bled dry in a ditch.
Was it worth scratching the itch?
Oh . . . I don’t know . . .

I’m shipping out today.
Originally posted by Anghellic
Doing something metal just because its metal is so un-metal..
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