why not get another avatar cab? the amps are voived differently enough that when played through the same speakers they'll still sound different...and huge!!! i run my vtm and tsl in stereo sometimes, but i just have 2 cabs already. stereo rigs ftw!
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I run a wet/dry rig sometimes using a Mojave 2X12 w/ G12H30s, & a Tone Tubby 2X12 w/ split 30w ceramic/alnico. I spare no expense when buying cabs. You can't go too far wrong buying a Mesa cab, but anything's going to be a bit expensive shipping to AK.
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I run a Carvin Legacy into a 2x12 cab and a Dual Rec into a 4x12 cab. Both cabs have V-30's. Sometimes I run the carvin clean and sometimes I run it slightly OD'd. Sounds pretty badass. Really accents the ultra-heavy tone of the dual rec nicely.
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I run my guitar to my XT live which splits the signal, left to my Engl Preamp anf right to my Marshall DSL100. Gmajor in both loops which also handles the amp switching via midi with the XT live as the controller. Then out to an Engl Standard Cab with Celestion V60's and a no name 4x10 with Celestion G10s for the Marshall and to my Atomic 112-18 for the Engl.

I usually run the Engl at 3/4 gain with a big cut in low mids and a treble boost then fill in the low end and mids with the marshall while cutting treble, the Marshall usually sits in the lower gain mode @ 12o'clock. This keeps the fuzzy highs of the Marshall out of the picture and reinforces the low end that I wish the Atomic provided.

As for your predicament, if it were me id be looking at something with different speakers than what I already have.
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What do you run your DSL through now?

Also: I'm going to be running a stereo rig once my amp gets here
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What do you run your DSL through now?

Also: I'm going to be running a stereo rig once my amp gets here

Well right now I run it through the avatar when I'm not playing the recto. The problem is the tones I need for the stuff I've been writing are hard to find with one amp. I'm the only guitarist, so it needs to be big and full and saturated, but it also needs a lot of definition and clarity cause I do a lot of big chords and hammer-on pull-off stuff. So I'm thinking running both together will let me get the big full wash of the recto sound and a more defined bright tight tone with the marshall.