In a few days, my SM58 and TonePort UX1 will be arriving. But when I think about it, there's a little question I needa ask. Maybe i'm asking too much of an obvious question, but w/e.. In a way, isn't the guitar input on the toneport pretty much useless? I mean, if you use it, you won't even be able to hear yourself while recording. So I'm guessing most people would just mic their amp or something while playing the back track on iTunes or anything, right? So does anyone use the guitar input and why?
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Most people would be recording to a DAW like ProTools or Sonar or Cubase. I'm assuming you'll be listening to the track via the headphone out, so provided you have a recording software, of course you'll be able to hear what your playing, along with the track itself.
Actually, if you're going DI, you don't even need to be using headphones, you can just listen to the playback on your speakers. If you're mic'ing up your amp, you'll use headphones to avoid spillover of the track signal into the mic.
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the guitar input is useful for amp modelling softwares like amplitube, gearbox, guitar rig, guitar fx, .... try a demo version of one of the programs with your guitar input and you'll see what i mean.