I wasn't sure how to search for this using the searchbar so if it has been covered, MY BAD!

My high E will be tuned (this "symptom" doesn't affect my other strings) but when the string rings out, it has the wobbly untuned sound to it (it gets a whole lot worse when the string is actually out of tune but that makes sense). EDIT: Went through every fret and I've realised that the only two frets that are free of the wobbliness are the 16th + 17th. Every single fret has a slight wobble to it but it did lessen a lot on the 6th + 7th.

The string ,once past the saddle, looks to be "pulled" tightly over the edge of the (solid) bridge and then leads into the string hole. Moving backwards the saddle might be a good start.. any ideas?
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Your action may be too low. I doubt it's your intonation, since it's on the open string.
what about putting the saddle the other way? for only that string? that might fix the pulling stuff around it.

wobbliness... strings vibrate, but I didn't think they could wobble...
Yes, i know strings vibrate :P I'm obviously not talking about the strings physically wobbling. I'm referring to the sound that they create, the same sound you have when a string is out of tune (sounds like it is wobbling to me).
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I take it by 'wobble' you mean it has a tonal vibrato when played with another string that it should harmonise with. And I assume you are using a standard electronic tuner. It sounds like you may have a faulty string. Have you tried tuning by harmonics? Check the e string 7th fret harmonic against the B string 5th fret harmonic. They should be an octave apart and not produce this vibrato. Tune to that and check other placings. You'll probably find the string is now right in the mid fretboard area but out elsewhere. If your action and intonation are correct it really must be the string and simply replacing it should cure the problem.
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Tried tuning via harmonics. The problem did improve slightly since the string was now in tune perfectly but its still there.
Everybody...myself included...does it, but tuning to harmonics isn't accurate at all, actually I had always noticed it on a G string but didn't know the reason why....

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I think your pickups might be too close to the strings and so it's picking up the main string vibration plus the a harmonic. The 2 notes together creates a tremolo effect known as a beat and the further out of tune the notes are with each other the faster the beats will be.

Could also be a bad string.
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Lowered pickups as low as possible, nothing :\ So we are down to bad string or bad nut (can't remember if i have had this sound before so can't be sure).