Hey All,

I've asked this question before but haven't really got any replies so I'll ask again. I was wondering if anyone could give their opinions regarding where a Chorus pedal would go in my effects loop. I recently bought a Digitech CF-7 Chorus Factory, and I also have the following:

Boss DD7 Digital Delay
Boss BF3 Flanger
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Korg Pitchblack Tuner

I was thinking that the CF-7 goes in-between the Flanger & the Tube Screamer, but I just might be wrong so I decided to ask you guys on this forum instead. I'm sure most of you will tell me 'whatever sounds good to you', but I still want to know where YOU would put it.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

-Major Bludd
Well generally the tuner and TS wouldn't go in the loop, they'd go in the chain before the amp; the chorus, flanger and delay would go in the loop.

I'd probably go flanger > chorus > delay.
Or if I put everything in a straight chain: tuner > TS > flanger > chorus > delay.
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Typically, stomp boxes are designed to go in front of the amp - not in the loop. Loops are more for rack mount fx units.

I would put them all between the guitar and the amp in the following order:

Tuner - (tube screamer) - flanger - chorus - delay.

The ts is in parentheses because it's really just a matter of personal taste whether you put it at the beginning or end of your chain.

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The usual way of doing this is Tuner> Overdrive > Amp> {fx loop} Chorus > Delay> amp.

This is because modulation and time effects usually sound better after the distortion, and overdrives are usually used to boost pre amp distortion. However, I run a chorus in front of my amp and it sounds great, even with distortion, just sounds different.
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