After seven years playing electric and accoustic guitar, I've decided I want to try the harmonica. I've wanted to play it for a long time, but it's now I've taken the decision.
The problem is I don't know a thing about brands and prices.
After spending thousands of euros in guitar stuff, I don't mind spending 100-150 euros (not more than 200 dollars) in a good harmonica, but I've found some harmonica ads on the internet and, for my surprise, they were like 30 dollars.
What is a normal price for a high quality harmonica? Any suggestions? Realize that I live in Spain, so I don't know if I will be able to find very concrete models.
Also, anyone knows how it works that thing you use to hold the harmonica while you are playing guitar? How much does it cost?

Thanks in advance.
^ HAHA I actually still have one of those somewhere^^

OT... there are sets sold with 8 different keys that can be found cheap I think
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