if you're a regular in hardcore, you might have heard me mention this before. even if thats the case, perhaps i could bend your ear once more.

im organising a zine. its shaping up to be mostly music-based, to be honest, but im hopeful of getting some more film/arts/politics content as time goes on. issue one is being written at the moment but i need more people involved (i cant do every single thing by myself).

specifically i need:
- artwork (front cover and possibly more throughout the mag as a kind of showcase of an artist per issue)
- interesting articles (one guy has written a nice piece about the modern link between drugs, specifically ketamine, and music)
- smaller features, like maybe detailing a forgotten album/film/person
- short stories, poems, anything creative

if you have any interest in any of that, you can do one of two things. if you use facebook/myspace, you can click the links in my sig and join the groups there. even if you do do that, id love for you to get in touch with me, either via those sites or via my profile/PM on this one.

if youre a keen writer or artist and especially a fan of all things DIY, thats a definite bonus.
Sure, sounds interesting. I will send you a PM via here.
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I kind of want to help, but goddamn I am only 15 years old and have little experience in writing...although it seems like a career i'd like to pursue in the future.

Good luck with it...I wish something like this would come up when I graduate and become more mature.
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ok. to those of you that do actually want to help, and if you dont know how, just PM me and we can talk. see what youre interested in etc. i dont mind trying to explain where im coming from. maybe we can meet in the middle.

EDIT: a zine is basically just a short word for magazine but generally when most people refer to a zine they refer to one that is independently produced and written, largely associated with the punk and hardcore communities of the early 80s but not exclusively so. there are plenty of zines around today, both in the more traditional print form and via the newer online medium.
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Sounds like fun,what the Zine called?
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What kind of music? I was thinking about writing a piece on the non-existent punk scene and lack of shows in my town of residence (not my location <-, thats still my hometown) for some websites.
its called dead.

music-wise, anything. im predominantly into punk and hardcore but anything is welcome so long as its well-informed. literally anything. its an open book.

do you write a lot?

also if people find a load of good independent bands on myspace and want to give a bit of exposure to them, something like that would fill a bit of room and give some smaller bands some inches.