So i am a guitarist with an experience of coupla years ...
Now my biggest problem is, i can't play without some background music.
I play metal...
Songs like Aces High,Powerslave,Angels's Don't kill and Hearts burst into fire are some of my favorites ..
But i've never bin able to play it without switchin the song from my pc..
If i try otherwise i screw up the solo timing or some bends or hammer-ons or something, anythin..
I dont want to depend on SOMETHIN like THAT to play guitar all my life ...
IS there a way i can overcome this problem ?!
IS there any1 who's ever faced this thing ever ?!
Well, it's not a real problem. I mean, most people have a problem with backing tracks, and that's they can't do with em

Really, playing with backing track is a good thing. It's why people also practise with metronomes. Right?
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what id do is start writing your own stuff man then practice that then start using others stuff thats just me do what you want
youre the only one

and lrn2 practise
i listen to the song before if its not mastered so i can get the speed right

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At some point in time, it will get to where you can hear chord progressions and the like in your head. It takes time. Don't sweat it. Just keep doing what you are doing, and it will come. Everybody grasps things, and learns in a different way. If you worry too much about how long it takes, you can't enjoy the things you learn.
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yeah i usually have a hard time playing with a backing track... just not used to it. but i would try what "liveinthedark" said to do, write some of your own stuff and try it out. good luck!!
try writing your own stuff. that was my next step in playing. i just wrote a riff and imagined it in my head to write a lead over. or I would write a lead piece and just change key to suit the rhythm i was working on
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Yes there is a solution.

Stop ****ing playing with a backing track.

Quit being a douche.....oh wait *reads user title*

Anyway it just takes practice I usually have the backing track on the first few times until I get the sound in my head.
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i play with a backing track sometimes when i'm learning by ear and so I can get the timing down right, but after a couple of times, i can play without it, so really, all ya gotta do is practice. Improv never hurt either. =)
If your really having trouble with the backing track, then start making the backing track quieter each time you play so soon you won't even be able to hear, because if you know that's its playing it might give to the confidence and competency to hit the notes and stuff by yourself.
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I'm the opposite mate. I cant play with any backing music but can play perfect solo. I cant even sing simple songs whilst playing. Throws me off.

Want to swap?? lol.

I think the advice regarding writing your own music sounds good though.
good ability to have if you ever want to record. not to often a song is recorded live anymore.
well... i dont know what to tell you... ive been playing for less than a year and i can play songs without backround music,
I had a problem hearing changes in my head for the longest time, but had never played to a backing track. to this day i still have never really turned on a cd player and jammed along. my solution........a loop pedal. made all the difference in the world with my playing. even has a guide track if you want to make sure you are perfectly in time (like an adjustable metronome that can be programmed to bass drums, cymbals, etc.) Lets me write a riff, or copy a famous riff, and just solo to my heart's content!! you can even overdub multiple times. if i could hook up a full drum machine, i could have the sound of a whole band (using bass and vocal overdubs). might want to look into it. i like the boss models, and went with the dual pedal one that is $260, however they have a single pedal version for about $180.
i have 6 1/2 years of experience playing guitar. sometimes i have to hear the song before i play it so i have an idea of what the song sounds like. sometimes i may have to play with me pc, too but if you practice without the pc for a while, you'll get better, and then you'll wonder why you had to play with the pc before... don't take it too harsh on yourself... just try it and keep practicing..
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