I found this site called Swagbucks that lets you win prizes and stuff just by using their google engine like search bar. Sounds fake, I know, thats what i thought at first, but I have a few friends that have won albums, band posters, concert tickets, music downloads for itunes, and ps3/xbox360 games.

They don't even ask for credit card info, just a shipping address to ship the prize to and your name.

You can sign up here
and you win prizes just by searching.

If you don't believe it, check out the site for yourself, or check their youtube page with unboxing and testimonials.


Not sure how they benefit by giving out free prizes just by people searching, but whatever.
lmao the youtube video is so gay
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Sure I'll sign up but I won't be using your referal code

*not actually signing up*

EDIT: On the video I was expecting him to have like an Ipod and when it's unboxed it's a ****ty trading card.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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