hey, do any UGer's play Toribash? And if you don't know what Toribash is, Toribash is a turn-based fighting game that you play online against other people from around the world. Only you create the moves you use in a fight.
If you do fight, post your username. Mine is torihero:
a cross between toribash and guitar hero)
Yeah I used to play that, still got it hanging around somewhere on my hard drive. My screen name was Zodijackyl if I remember rightly.
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Not this week, after what happened to him

But before that. You can't deny me those memories, can you?
i Had it for a while, but i'll admit... it was beyond me.
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I sometimes still play it, but the online playing gets a bit ridiculously hardcore as you progress, so I only go on the single player, if at all.
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that games kinda cool. but i havent played it in a few years

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