Can anyone tab some more Tim Minchin songs please? He's a musical commedian whos solid gold. i can't tab to save my life, but any music by him would be really apreciated ,

I might be able to do some chords. Maybe. Pick a song of his (that isn't too long!) and convince me
there are some chords already available, but sadly even fewer of his songs. i'd very much like a bass tab of so f**king rock if you can do it :P
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Filth and Fury i couldn't ask you to tab either you 'grew on me' or 'Drowned' could i? Yeah there are some already but none of them are his really good ones! I think grew on me and drowned are just repeating chords, so it shouldn't be too hard for anyone with a good ear (so not me)! Give me a shout if you do and i'll be greatful forever!
oh and I've tabbed 'White Wine In the Sun' as well, check it out

(might take a couple days to show up)
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