BLUT AUS NORD new album “Memoria Vetista II – Dialogue With The Stars”

Blut Aus Nord return with the second part of the Memoria Vetusta saga which began 12 years ago with Memoria Vetusata I - fathers of the Icy Age. The new album is a return to a more majestic and Progressive black metal sound that still retains the distinctive Blut Aus Nord discordant edge.

You can listen the whole album here :
Blut Aus Nord-Ecard

ABSU new album “Absu”

American extreme metal royalty returns with their first new studio album in eight years. The self-titled recording features the newly expanded quartet with an all-star array of guest musicians. The albums thirteen tracks clock in at nearly an hour, a journey fans have been anxiously awaiting.
The self-described mythological occult metal, the band has consistently draws lyrically from various mythological ideologies. Musically speaking, the material is quite similar to 'Tara', but with more of a '70s progressive/ psychedelic texture within it."

Listen here : ABSU

IXXI new album “Elect Darkness”

Brand new album of Dirty, filthy, guttural cult Swedish Black/Thrash Metal.

Listen here : IXXI
Blut Aus Nord are one of my favorite bands, Absu are great, and i don't know the third. that being said...what's the point of this thread, exactly?
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Work for Candlelight by any chance mate?
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