I bough a Berhinger C-2(they come in packs of 2) and they have a stereo mount. That goes from one connector to 2 so i can mount two stereo mics on one stand.

Heres my problem,
The C-2 stand only has small holes (about 1/4' wide)
My small mic stand has the regular sized mount on it.
How would I go about screwing it on?
Is there an adapter for it?
Right now i'm using ductape as a temporary holder.
I'll try to post pics at around 3:30,
..I was watching my death.
I have these mics.

Small holes? Plural?

Attach the tbar to the mic stand, then the mics to that..
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Sorry, I meant
Small Hole(not plural)
It is Pretty much a splicer, but for a mic stand.(Tbar)
It came with the 2 mics so I can mount as a stereo pair and record in stereo.
I will give more info in a little bit, I will go measure the hole and see if i can fix it somehow.
I might even be able to post pics.

EDIT: The brand of the mic stand is ULTRA STAND.

EDITx2:The stand is what the problem is. Does anyone know if ther's a such thing as a converter from the bigger(Female) thread to smaller(male)?
..I was watching my death.
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