Where's the theory application and rhythm perfection?
Mine consists of doing chromatic warmups up and down the neck, horizantally and vertically, followed by playing a few songs of choice (whatever mood I'm in that day), followed by improv in a new key everyday, and then followed by some lead work.
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I'm currently operating a new little practice idea.

I have initially dubbed it the "5-10-15 Method".
I do 5 minutes of no-tempo finger training with chromatics.
Then 10 minutes of metronome practice with chromatics.
Finally, 15 minutes of metronome practice solely on major/minor scales.
All done in the quietest room in the house with 100% concentration.

Then I just jam as per usual.

It's just a little experiment to see how much a short, intense practice each day affects my playing over a week or two.
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I just pick up my guitar and start playing.

But seriously, if I feel like working on a new technique, I will tend to look up a guide on it on UG and start practicing. Otherwise, I’ll just alternate between playing some rhythm and lead stuff.
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15 minutes- chromatic exercises (mainly using hammer ons and pull offs to strengthen fingers) basically its the finger gym from justinguitar.com
15 minutes- scale picking on whatever scale position im trying to learn (now im learning minor scales position 1 and 2). Practice going straight up and down the scales, picking in 3rds and 4ths, then picking random notes on the scale and trying to spice it up with different phrasing)
10 minutes - spider exercise, nothing fancy
30 minutes - going over my metal method lessons that im on (stage 4 now).
20 minutes - trying to tab out random riffs licks and solo's by ear. This gets easier as time goes by.
15 minutes - random other things to practice like sweeps, chord changes, tapping ect.
15 minutes - improving, finding random backing tracks and trying to incorporate everything i practiced into sound something musical. sometimes it works and sometimes it fails miserably.

i almost never practice all this in a set order (except for the first one, thats always my warmup.. and the improv thats always the last.)

and then always multiple times a day I'll just dick around with the guitar and play random nonsense for a few good minutes.