my first post! so any thoughts on this match up? I going to buy one or the other. I am also saving up for a deizel einstein OR an axe-fx amp simulator that I will buy in about 6 months.

first my guitar is a schecter C-1 Classic, nech-thru duncan SH-2(jazz) neck and JB bridge. it has coil taps which never sounded too different from the humbuckers. anyway I have played out of both of these amps and also a vox AC15. the vox is over priced chinese made so thats out. the mesa has a really great EQ. its not like other mesa's exactly the caliber is its own thing if you dont already know. the two channels on the mesa cover all the sounds that I could want. not to mention having gain AND volume on each channel is really usefull. the peavey has a clean channel that gets gritty the more you turn it up. so I can't always get the sound I want at a low volume. its kinda breaks up like some country grit. the mesa clean channel sounds perfect and bluesy when I turn the gain up and the vol at 2. I love it. only thing is that the peavey is cheaper and I can jam with my drummer (30 watts). the mesa is of course 22 watts.

any one ever owned these amps long term?
Id say get the mesa over the classic, its more versatile, and 22 watts tube is loud enough to go over a drummer, quite easily.
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yeah thats kinda what I figured. I could always throw a pedal in front of the classic 30 but it seems kinda pointless if I dont even need it on the mesa. the less crap I have to bring to my drummers house the better. and the mesa has all the sounds that anyone could ever want seriously. the eq becomes more powerful on all three bands when the treble is turned up. interactive EQ. check it out. the classic 30 EQ doesnt do much on the clean channel.